Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tunes That R... Attractive!

OUT SOON. Paul has contributed the opening track to the new compilation on Attractive! due for release in November. Stay tuned for more details.

A1 Paul Chambers – Sensory Cut
A2 Le Chocolat Noir – Fetish
A3 Red Fetish – Partly Fear Two
A4 Half A Twin – Rubbeldiekatz
A5 Future Commuter – Sound & Fission
A6 Poeme Electronique – Radioactive
A7 Phone, The – Zero Ahead
A8 Belief – Heaven Ending
B1 Shibuya Station – Always Waiting
B2 This Perfect Day – Adult Games Part 1
B3 Bethell & Hounds – The Black Prince (Pt.2 - One Of The Two Men)
B4 Soulless Party, The – The Attractive
B5 Cerati & Di Angelo – Season Steals
B6 Nine Circles – Games
B7 Zeit Echo – Secretary

Take A Ticket (Third Mix)